Residential Real Estate Advisors, LLC. is a consulting firm specializing in evaluation, management, and development services for residential real estate and home building.



Residential real estate assets do not improve with age. Properties are subject to loss of governmental approvals, deterioration of site improvements, environmental permitting and maintenance issues as well as other costly concerns. Many owners of real estate are not internally equipped to deal with the management of these assets or simply find it more economical to outsource these services. Our firm offers one stop service for the management of these important assets.



Residential Real Estate Advisors, LLC (RREA) are specialists in the residential real estate market, providing consulting services to banks, private equity funds, hedge funds, homebuilders, community development districts, land bankers, land owners and workout groups. RREA is one of the only real estate consulting firms that specializes solely in residential real estate and home building. We provide valuation and financial analysis in order to assist in determining the best course of action for the asset. We can assist with the preservation of entitlements and provide development assistance. RREA is a single source provider for the development, management or disposal of residential real estate.